Testimonials - what others say about BalanceWell Bookkeeping

We don't rest on our laurels, and we actively seek feedback (both good and bad) from clients and others that we partner with in our industry.  Got something to say about the work we have done for you?  Please feel free to contact us.


Dale White

Ripple Fitness

Head Trainer & Exercise Scientist

"Prior to working with Judy at BalanceWell, my paperwork and financials were ALL over the place. I was months and months behind in payments with no end in sight and it just seemed to be an ever amount of work that kept piling up. I was stressed, anxious and couldn’t even look at my bank account I was so fearful of what was going on. I was one step away from being out of business.

BalanceWell is the reason my company is still running today. Yes, I know that is a big call but that is the absolute truth. I am very good at what I do, but because my financials and paperwork were all over the place, I had no idea of what was actually going on in the business.

Judy has always been there for help and support whenever I needed it. She is extremely professional, polite, detailed and thorough. She tells me exactly what’s needed to keep us on track and ahead.

Now we are organised, on top of everything and I can start to predict where my company is headed and exactly what I need to get it there. It means a LOT less stress, anxiety and worry on my part. I would not be where I am today without BalanceWell. I highly recommend them to any small to medium sized businesses or sole traders out there looking to stay ahead of the game and sharp."


Xavier Verschoore



Thank you for all your work you have done over the many years.


Your onsite and other help has kept all aspects of my business in order. Not only that, you have been, and still are, a great help for me when I am in need of advice.


Thank you for you great work which we will continue for many years to come!

Xavier Verschoore, Molex, C-Bus Installer, Data Specialist, Project Management