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Masters of Numbers

At BalanceWell Bookkeeping, we are a qualified and trusted bookkeeping team in Brisbane, with the knowledge to help you easily and confidently outsource  your bookkeeping to free your time and energy, so you can grow your business and live a healthy and well life.

Why you need our support:

  • Free your time to focus on what you love to do, and do best, so you can build your business;

  • Stop any procrastination that may have a future cost;

  • Implement simple solutions that save time - from simplifying your bookkeeping, efficient practices, and enabling work from anywhere solutions that will save you money;

  • On time reporting with support that will enable you to make quality decisions in a stress-free, and easy to understand way, that keeps both you and your books well-balanced.

A great bookkeeper will help you save time and money with your books, make sure you are compliant and help you keep your business in profit. If you are a savvy action taker and need support in any of these areas, call us today or complete the contact form.

The name of our game is balance, and with balance comes a feeling of calm, clarity and time. Let BalanceWell Bookkeeping balance your numbers so you can balance your business and life.

Our clients tell us this peace of mind is invaluable to them.

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Meet the Team

Judy Carse AATF  PPM
Principal and Master of Numbers

Judy Carse is the principal of BalanceWell Bookkeeping Services, and a Master of Numbers.

Judy is a qualified Bookkeeper, with a Certificate IV in Financial Services - Bookkeeping and is registered with the Tax Practitioners Board, Association of Accounting Technicians, is a licensed and legal BAS Agent, a Xero Bronze Partner and a MYOB partner.


Combined with extensive experience with small to medium-sized businesses, ranging from trades, medical, fitness and professional businesses, Judy is one of those unique individuals that love numbers and can make sense of complex challenges and explain them simply. 

Judy completed her senior maths and accounting at Trinity Bay High School in Cairns as an adult, after working at both operational and management levels. Judy then continuing her education with Accounting studies to gain the required qualifications, and master of the extensive industry software. 

Now, over 25 years later, Judy runs BalanceWell Bookkeeping offering high-level, quality bookkeeping services and business skills. Working closely with a number of accountants to bridge the gap between them and the business owner, and by providing the Accountants with correct and concise work, Judy helps her clients avoid unnecessary fees.

Judy loves 'rescue' work and setting up accounting system, and she has a passion for educating clients, helping them to understand their obligations and become compliant. Her vast experience means she has the ability to deconstruct client's challenges and provide meaningful, money, and time-saving solutions.

Judy states "My role is to educate you to understand your legal obligations and become compliant. It might sound 'boring' but it's extremely important and I'm happy to look after it."

Judy is married with an adult daughter and her passion is fitness, including gym, running and hiking and a past involved in hockey, touch football, and mixed soccer. She understands that balancing life helps you keep the passion for your business and is equally passionate about assisting others to achieve this.

The BalanceWell Bookkeeping Team provide:

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable



Cash Flow

Clean Up Work

Cloud Set Up and Training

Data File Health Check

End of Mony Support

Financial Reporting

General Bookkeeping
Payroll Processing


Single Touch Payroll


Michelle Smith 
Senior Bookkeeper

Michelle Smith is the Senior Bookkeeper of BalanceWell Bookkeeping Services, and also a Master of Numbers.

Michelle is studying for her Certificate IV in Financial Services - Bookkeeping and has extensive experience in bookkeeping. An expert in Quickbooks and all other online accounting programs, Michelle loves  the feeling of accomplishment when a client up to date and has all available resources to make quality financial decisions.  In fact, nothing gives Michelle more joy than the popup 'Reconciled'. She believes that your financial health is a major contributor to your peace of mind and your financial wealth, and truly believes that with BalanceWell's knowledge and support, clients achieve a Peace of Mind.

Divakar Pai MBA
Bookkeeper and Master of Numbers

Divakar Pai is the Assistant Bookkeper of BalanceWell Bookkeeping Services, and also a Master of Numbers.

Divakar Pai has completed a MBA in Financial Management and has 8 years experience in finance.

Divakar has been working for BalanceWell Bookkeeping since 2016 and has assisted many clients with their data and reconciliations.

An expert in FinTech, Xero, Quickbooks Online, Zoho Books, MS Excel and popular add-ons like Receipts Bank, etc.

An Excel master, he loves working on complex solutions and formulas where a client needs systems outside of the standard Accounting Programs.

Divakar loves to analyse numbers, loves 'rescue work' and the feeling of accomplishment when a client is brought up to date and is free from worry. He believes that your financial health brings about your financial wealth.

A dedicated and hard worker, Divakar works to have a balanced life and has a disposition of calmness, clarity and efficiency. He truly believes that with BalanceWell's knowledge and support, clients achieve a Peace of Mind.

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